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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE February 2005

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February 2005 - Table of Contents
The Essence of Wudang Sword
Qian Timing discusses the theory and principles of the famous Wudang sword and describes useful training methods in detail. Qian is a 12th generation lineage holder of Wudang Dan Pai. Qian recently emigrated from China and lives in the Seattle area.

While Waiting For Your Teacher
Wendell Anderson of Eugene, OR, writes about his experiences finding ways to cope with the frustrations of trying to learn when teachers were not available. He makes suggestions on how to compensate for not having the support that a teacher and a class can give.

Prof. Men Huifeng On Martial Integrity
Kevin Zhenkang Sun of Wilmington, DE, writes about Prof. Men Huifeng’s views on Wu De, martial arts integrity, and the development of martial arts skills, as well as how to judge the level of one’s accomplishment.

Fong Ha on Yiquan Practice
Fong Ha of Berkeley, CA, discusses his decades of experiences with Yiquan practice as well as T’ai Chi practice and gives suggestions for others to practice.

Characteristics of Li Style
Zhou Lishang of Beijing interviews Ma Jinlong in this second article about the little known Li style, which is related to the Yang style.

Jin Yiming’s Walking Stick Exercises
A useful set of exercises with a walking stick by Jin Yiming are presented. They are easy to perform and develop good flexibility for the arms, legs and torso.

Abraham Liu On Push Hands
In this reprint from October 1990, Abraham Liu of San Diego, CA, discusses learning with Cheng Man-ch’ing and what it takes to develop quality push hands skills.

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