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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE - December 1989

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December 1989 - Editor's Notebook
Vol. 13, No. 6
December 1989

Editor's Notebook

Life is not what you think it is. Tai Chi Chuan is not what you think it is. Ch'i Kung (qigong) is not what you think it is.
We live in a world of appearances. Now some news events are simulated. But even without the sleight-of-hand and deception that is part of everyday life, what we think is real is not what we think it is. Our understanding is limited by our information, experience and outlook.
Ten, twenty, or thirty years from now, we will see and understand the same events differently in the light of our own growth and experience.
For people interested mainly in self-defense, Tai Chi Chuan in 20 or 30 years becomes a blessing as a way to good health and a sense of well being.
Not much is known about ch'i kung in the Western countries now. Even in China many things about it are still being discovered.
Unfortunately, many ch'i kung promoters emphasize Gee Whiz aspects – supernatural strength, projection of energy, amazing healing – most of which are more illusion than reality.
In time, the authentic ch'i kung, like the authentic Tai Chi Chuan, will come to the forefront and the fakery will be seen for what it is. Then the real stuff will be appreciated for the solid benefits that it offers.
In the meantime, if the demonstrations of ch'i kung, or Tai Chi Chuan, for that matter, seem too good to be true, then they probably are too good to be true. Look for and appreciate what is reasonable, not what is promoted as amazing.
In the end, it's value to you will come from steady, enjoyable efforts that bring increased, balanced, and good quality energy to you.

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