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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE - August 1990

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August 1990 - Editor's Notebook

One participant attending Yang Zhenduo’s seminar last month said he felt the information from Yang would create a revolution for Tai Chi in the U.S.
Another said that after 10 years of practice, he was just beginning to find out how to practice.

Yang, who was the featured teacher at the A Taste of China (ATOC) Tournament and Seminar, taught the traditional Yang style and was quite forceful and open in his teaching.
Some of his teaching is 180 degrees from what some people practice in China and the West. For instance, his concept of relaxed is definitely not totally soft, empty or limp.

His style of teaching was, like his style, quite open. Although he was provided with a raised platform so everyone could see him, he would also come down onto the gymnasium floor to give examples and work with individual students.
Even some teachers, who teach styles performed differently, were open-minded enough to sit in on the seminar and experiment with the movements.

Whether you agree with Yang’s approach or not, having him come to the U.S. thanks to Pat Rice and Steve Rhodes of ATOC, is of immeasurable benefit.
Tai Chi Chuan will flourish, not through the promotion of any one style, but through the proliferation of diverse information.
ATOC, too, has been a well-spring of information for the Tai Chi Chuan community, not only for the benefits gained by participants at Winchester, VA, but also through the information from it shared and spread by publications such as T’AI CHI Magazine.

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