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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE - December 1991

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December 1991 - Editor's Notebook

As we become more and more conscious of what qi, or ch’i, is and how it courses through the body, it is increasingly fascinating how it affects us and links everything together.
It not only energizes the body, but with the aid of the mind it can be directed, as indicated by Da-jin Sun and Wei Lun Huang, to cure certain conditions.

Trying to direct the qi is not necessarily for everyone. It can even be dangerous. Fortunately, it is not even necessary in most instances.
Working with a diversity of movement and one or more meditative postures according to correct principles will help balance, amplify and improve the quality of your qi.

Another interesting aspect is that it can rectify certain conditions. If you are depressed or angry or emotionally upset you can work on the qi to balance it, sink it or redistribute it so it flows smoothly through the meridians and organs. It is not necessary to feel guilt or remorse or to blame someone else.

Qi can be the thread that links all parts of the body, and the means for connecting with the earth as in rooting, as discussed by Don Miller. It even connects us with others as we share the same vital energies in work and relationships.

One result of practice should be the ability to see the larger view without distortion even while we are enmeshed in our personal difficulties and distortions.
The result of working with qi properly is better health and immune systems and a strengthening of the constitution to be able to deal with external difficulties and our own natural vulnerabilities.

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