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June 1992 - Editor's Notebook

How good has been the quality of your practice lately? How do you measure the quality of your practice?
You cannot really talk about the benefits of Tai Chi Chuan or developing good health or self-defense skills without talking about the quality of your own practice.
Even a good teacher and good classmates are not a substitute for good quality practice.

What then are we to do to improve their quality of their practice? Even going through the motions is likely to provide some benefits. But we want more than that. And learning something new doesn’t necessarily improve practice.

In the article by George Jepson, he quotes Jou Tsung Hwa about the importance of the quality of practice and he presents what he has found to be important, not by discussing Tai Chi, but the art of sailing.
What is important is the use of mind and awareness and sensitivity to the moment. These are the mental tools to deal with the high points, low points and plateaus that are part of the long term effort.
We need to seek more knowledge about ourselves and our energies so that we can adjust the quality of practice.

Everyone has their own ideas about how to improve the quality of their practice.
Perhaps it is a good time to share some of those ideas. If you have some good ideas that work for you send them in and we will be glad to make them available to others.

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