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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE - April 1990

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April 1990 - Editor's Notebook

At the heart of any internal, or external, discipline is practice.

The first question for Tai Chi people is do you practice? Next, how much do you practice? Then, what do you practice? And finally, how do you practice?

In this issue, several stories bring up the importance of practice to develop skill.

Of course, you have to practice. The choices that follow are all part of your personal art of life. And, certainly, not practicing can also be part of your personal art of life.

Finding the way to make the practice part of your daily life is part of a process for creating your own, individual life.

I've been advised, and found it to be true that the best way to make sure that I practice is to set a specific time for the practice, rather than having to make a choice each day.

How much you practice is a function of how you value the things you do on a daily basis. If you value Tai Chi Chuan, then you will have more time for it.

What you practice is not merely doing the solo form or push hands or weapons. It is also what you are doing with your mind and your emotions while you are practicing. That is what you are practicing. If you do Tai Chi to build up your self-esteem or ego or to let go of your ego, then that is what you are practicing.

How you practice takes in even more factors, one of the most important of which is intensity. Surprisingly, many people are unable to muster very much intensity of the right kind.

These questions are resolved by practicing and by creating your own insights and character.

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