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June 1989 - Editor's Notebook
Vol. 13, No. 3
June 1989

Editor's Notebook

For those people interested in Tai Chi Chuan for health and fitness, Taoism can be irrelevant. For those interested in its roots and highest goals, the principles of Taoism are important.

It comes down to whether you are interested in chiefly how and what to do with your arms and legs and waist or whether you are also interested in how to live.

Achieving understanding is difficult because it has to do with how we try to shape our lives.

In this issue Ni-Hua-Ching discusses Taoism and Tai Chi Chuan and how to live.

Most of the important challenges in our lives are difficult precisely because we often do not really know what to do. And, of course, we have to do something. Frequently, these challenges are beyond our previous experience, or involve choices which are hard to make.

At one level, Tai Chi Chuan helps us by providing enough balanced energy to approach problems with some degree of confidence. At another level, it can provide insight to deal with difficult choices.

Taoism, and similar sources of wisdom, share with Tai Chi Chuan the capability to stimulate understanding and natural change.

Ni's message, in part, is to simplify life in order to make it rich and integrated.

The principles of Taoism and Tai Chi Chuan are very special in that they can help to integrate us into a natural balance with the way we have to live and the way we aspire to live.

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