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June 1993 - Editor's Notebook

June 1993, Vol. 17 No. 3

There are articles in this issue about correct positioning of the feet and body and the technique of using internal strength.

Some of it gets very technical but it is important that every practitioner of every style pays close attention to this aspect and the dynamic way that energy is exerted.

It is difficult to get to the root of Tai Chi and to have good Tai Chi unless there is an understanding of how energy is exerted from the front and the back leg and up through the trunk of the body. Without it there is not likely to be an internal art.

This understanding is important not only for self-defense but also for health, fitness and meditation.

Without the use of dynamic energy through the feet there is no root, no real use of of jin, and no real integrated internal self-defense. Without that dynamic energy, any style can be like a stick figure going through the forms.

The articles also illustrate the need for each practitioner to examine for themselves how best to root and develop the internal dynamic energy.

The classics, of course, tell us. But too often the writings of the classics can be taken simplistically with little real meaning.

For instance, to keep the back straight and the waist relaxed is not going to help anyone very much unless someone can point out to a person what that really means.

Read the articles carefully and experiment to see if they can help you. Your style may have different parameters, and that's fine. But, if you are not able to link up the internal energy, then keep trying to find out how from others and from your own practice.

And when you have it, share it.·

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