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June 1988 - Editor's Notebook

Vol. 12, No. 3
June 1988

What is Tai Chi Chuan really good for? This is a question that many people struggle with. Obviously, it is good for health. Not so obvious is that it is good for self-defense.

Part of the problem is that people define it differently. And even though you may have defined it for yourself pretty well, someone else may come along with different ideas.

They may say that what you are doing is not good for fitness because it is not as aerobic as jogging, or it is not so good for self-defense because it is not as physical as Taekwondo or Karate.

In this issue, Dr. Wen Zee explains some of his views on the health benefits he has found during in his many years of practice as a physician and a Wu stylist.

He makes the point that you improve your health because you live in the rule of Tai Chi Chuan, whatever you do.

The point can be made that this is exactly what Tai Chi Chuan is good for, whether you are seeking to improve health, personal security, fitness or spiritual strength.

Living in the rule, or according to the essence of Tai Chi Chuan, really takes you wherever you want to go.

And it enables you to accept the diversity of ideas that others have about what Tai Chi Chuan is, what they are and what you are.

Finding the rule, or the essence, and staying close to it is not easy. We have to find it again and again. But that really is what Tai Chi Chuan is for.

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