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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE - April 1988

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April 1988 - Editor's Notebook

Vol. 12, No. 2
April 1988

Editor's Notebook

A student once brought a copy of T'AI CHI to me and, referring to an article someone else had written, said: “I didn't know you thought that.”

I smiled and said: “I don't.”

T'AI CHI is a forum that various practitioners can use to share their experiences and ideas.

And I try to encourage different views so long as they are not attacks on other practitioners. I hope that readers will come forward in the spirit of friendly cooperation to give their own perspectives. That's the way we will grow.

In this issue, for example, there are a number of ideas, some of them quite strongly held and expressed, that probably should be explored further in future issues.

A central issue of two of the articles is the quality of teaching, which also implies that someone has to decide who is qualified and who is not. Do we need a group or an authority to tell us who is competent and who is not?

The problem with such solutions is that often those most eager to take on the task are not necessarily the best to do it. And the effort, even of well-intentioned people, is easily commercialized.

It is better to work to left the standards and quality of Tai Chi Chuan through earnest and sincere effort, individually and as a community.

We do not explore these issues and how to improve the development of Tai Chi Chuan without limiting the diversity in teaching and practice.

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