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Date Event Location
AUGUST 01-06 Qi Healer Certfication New York Open Center
AUGUST 02-03 Beginning Qigong Healers Seminar Rochester, NY.
AUGUST 09-10 Intermediate Qigong Healers Seminar Rochester, NY.
AUGUST 16-16 Foundations of 2 Person training -Pushing/Sensing hands Portland Shaolin Center, Portland, OR
AUGUST 16-17 24-Movement Tai Chi Form Qigong Institute of Rcocester, 595 Blossom Rd. Suite 307, Rochester, NY. 14610.
AUGUST 17-24 WuDang Tai Chi Instructor Certification-LevelI Aspen Lodge Resort, Estes Park, CO
AUGUST 24-31 WuDang Tai Chi Sword Instructor Training Aspen Lodge Resort, Estes Park, CO
AUGUST 24-24 Wang Ming Bo and Rose Oliver MBE Workshop Roswell Budokan, Atlanta Georgia
SEPTEMBER 07-14 Yang style Seminar for Beginners Cyprus, Skoulli village
SEPTEMBER 26-28 Dong Taijiquan Dao Workshop Kula Maui (Hawaii)
OCTOBER 05-18 Tai Chi Chen Style Seminar Cyprus, Skoulli village
OCTOBER 09-16 China Trip 2014 - Taijiquan Push hands competition and Training Xing Tai and Ren Xian China
OCTOBER 10-12 Taiji San Shou Intensive with Dr. Jay Dunbar & Kathleen Cusick Inner Works Center for Taijiquan & Qigong Studies, Rockland, Maine

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