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AUGUST 01-06
Qi Healer Certfication more
AUGUST 09-10
Intermediate Qigong Healers Seminar more
AUGUST 16-16
Foundations of 2 Person training -Pushing/Sensing hands more

T'AI CHI Magazine is the leading international magazine for persons interested in Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan), qigong, and other internal martial arts, as well as those interested in similar Chinese disciplines which contribute to fitness, health, and a balanced personal sense of well being.

Now in its 36th year, it is respected for the quality of its content and the continuing effort to contribute to the development of Tai Chi Chuan world wide. Its feature articles are written by and about international authorities from China and other countries throughout the world.

The magazine is published by Marvin Smalheiser, who founded the publication in 1977 as a four page newsletter. He has practiced Tai Chi since 1969 and studied with Marshall Ho'o and Kai-ying Tung. As editor of the magazine, he has  interviewed well over 100 teachers and masters from China and the U.S, He teaches at Los Angeles City College Community Services program and Griffith Park.

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A videotape featuring the late Marshall Ho'o, who was a dean of T'ai Chi Ch'uan teachers in the U.S. There are 9 simple temple exercises, a 27-movement short form based on the Yang style, some push hands and self-defense techniques. There is step-by-step comprehensive instruction in a daily repeatable format. It is for beginners. It will be useful for others who want to learn it or compare styles. 90 Min.


In this issue there are a number of interesting articles that emphasize important aspects in the practice of Tai Chi Chuan. There is also the report about the death of C. K. Chu, a prominent teacher in New York City.
Chu came to the U. S. from Hong Kong and went to school in the New York City and received a masters degree in Physics, which he taught in New York City schools until his retirement some years ago.
But an important thrust in his life was the martial arts, which he studied in Hong Ko...

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